Facts about restaurant cuisine

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1. Arguments for Seasonal Menu Refresh.

In dishes for the season, the maximum benefits for human health. You prepare them from products that have come the shortest way to the guest plate.

  • Usefulness
  • Economy
  • Advertising of the institution

Creating a seasonal menu is a good way to interact with staff. You arrange a „brainstorm,“ together you come up with new things, discuss options, tasting. Thereby unite the team and bring diversity to monotonous weekdays.

2. Psychology of restaurant visitors

Rare establishments retain the interest of the client if they offer the same dishes day after day. The „novelty effect“ keeps old customers, and curiosity attracts new ones – to institutions with special seasonal offers.

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In addition, people associate the seasons with a certain food and drink: autumn – with a mushroom menu and mulled wine, summer – with light cocktails and strawberries. If these seasonal offers are in the institution, you will be chosen at an emotional level.

Fantasize and create the spirit of the time of year in food photos using seasonal decor. For example, looking at a photo with a plate of pumpkin mashed soup surrounded by bright foliage, pumpkin seeds or fruits, people will penetrate the atmosphere of autumn, and your suggestions will seem relevant and appetizing to them.

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